Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WHINNY & ROSES!!! will be here a'for ya know it!

We would LOVE for YOU to JOIN US for the WHINNY & ROSES FUNDRAISER, we are having on April 6th, 2013!!!!!


Bye for now,
Linda C.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How did you get your name LEFTY?

Let me tell you how this horse is now known as Lefty! On Monday afternoon,while Linda R. was out & about getting the stock trailer back from being repaired & picking up some more feed, some very quick people walked this horse into Safe Haven & tied him up to the first pen we have just inside the gate, & LEFT him there & then they bamboozled out of there Fast! Rick was on the front porch with his friend, Butch, & when they focused on Lefty, & saw people walking away, they took off down the driveway but did Not catch up to the people who left him! So Rick untied him & brought him into Safe Haven & very appropriately named him Lefty! This is a first in all of the 16 years that Safe Haven has been in existence! Now you know why he is called Lefty! The picture here of Lefty is at Cottonwood Vets on Tuesday.

He is really sweet & he did come in with a full set of shoes & needing his feet done, which was done earlier in the day. He was very good for the farrier, Tracey said. Dr. Megan is going to check his teeth to see if we can get an estimate of his age & to see what condition his teeth are in, & what his overall condition is.

Open up & say AWWWW..............! Dr. Megan said he could use some work, but his teeth weren't really too bad! Then she checked his heart & has found a Murmur!!!! Lefty is estimated to be around 20 years old or so, Since we have no history on him, as to just how long has he had this murmur, we are going to watch him & see how he does. Really too bad the abandoning people didn't at least write down some of his history & attach it to his halter! 

Dr. Megan asked Dr. Hooten to confirm the murmur, & give his opinion too. You can see in this pic, that Lefty could use a few pounds!

The Vets were concerned as to how bad the murmur is, so they had Linda R. put him in the round pen & get him to exercise some. After a few rounds around the round pen!!!! Linda decided that he should be a nice pasture buddy for someone! He's not all that bad & we will keep you posted as to whether he could be ok for kids to be lead around on!

Look at that FACE! Isn't he just the cutest! We DO......... THANK .......'the people' for not giving or selling him to the 'meater' guy! & so that's as far as I can take Lefty's story today. I promise to keep y'all posted on him! Saturday IS Volunteer Work Day! Come on out & meet Lefty & a 'few' others, & help us do some chores! We'll make ya lunch!!!! 3950 W. Anderson Dr. in Cottonwood, just off of Gas Point Rd & I-5 in Cottonwood!
Bye for now,
Linda C.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas to all you Horsey Fans!

Saint WhinneyHorse Christmas Poem
by Jerry Hlavac  Copyright © 2002-2011
‘Twas the night before Christmas out on the farm,
Not a creature was stirring, not even the cats in the barn
All of the horseshoes were hung on the stall doors with care
In hopes that St. Whinny, would soon be there.
Now the mustang mare in her kerchief
Last  Chance, her stall mate in his cap
In their stalls had just settled down
For a cold nights nap
When out in the pasture
Came such noise and clatter
All the horse jumped up to see what was the matter
When to their wide eyes appeared such a craft
A great big sleigh pulled by eight Belgian Drafts
The driver from a wild herd of many
All the horses knew instantly, it was St. Whinny
Into the barn he came with a bound
Looking extremely funny dressed in his coat of Brown
Now a bundle of goodies was tied to his back
Which he put down and opened the sack
His eyes really twinkled, His nicker so merry
The cheeks were frosted and his nose was real hairy
Now he neighed not a sound going right to work
Filled all the horse shoes with treats of grain
Carrots, apples, molasses cookies, then with a jerk
Closed his sack, shook his mane
Swished his tail & his ears did perk
Out the door he cantered, to the sleigh with a gallop
As the team took flight,
He exclaimed 
“Merry Christmas to all and to all horses Goodnight!”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lakota. a new arrival at the Rescue!

Meet Lakota! He is an Appy, T/B, & Belgian cross. He is about 7/8 years old & is a rescue from the PMU industry!! Lakota has been boarded at a facility in Red Bluff, Ca. for the last 6 years! His owner had high hopes of getting him transported back East, where she is currently living, but due to health reasons beyond her control, she had to face the fact, that dream could no longer happen for the two of them. She contacted Safe Haven to ask us to take him, so the boarding facility did not take him to the Auction, as she could no longer afford his board!  Linda & Volunteer Jamie loaded up the trailer & off they went to get him & he is in a pen at Safe Haven! Linda Richards is showing me that he is a little scared & standoffish, but we know that he will come around after a couple of weeks at the Rescue, while 'we do what we do!'

See...he is all ready being So Brave! Lakota came over to me to have a close-up pic taken! What a handsome guy, he is! He is all fuzzy with his winter coat, so he looks all white but Guess what! He has little black spots all over him!!!! I am so looking forward to Spring to see what he will shed out to be!!!! Be assured that will be a Blog!!!!! This was on a Thursday......wait till Saturday big guy, & you will meet....Bonnie!

Yep, it is Saturday & Bonnie wasn't at the rescue for very long before she had Lakota in the round pen for a meet & greet! She worked him in the pen for awhile to see what he could do, when she was happy with the results, she decided it was time for a little brushing! Lakota is checking out the brush & he is a little worried, but again is being so brave!

Lakota is not too sure about this brushing business as his ears &  facial expression shows! Bonnie kept brushing, & Lakota decided.....................................

I LIKE IT!!!! Look at that face & ears now! What a handsome handsome guy you are!!!! Lakota will be allowed to settle in at Safe Haven for a couple of weeks, (our standard procedure) & then we will have had time to assess him & will then let you all know, what kind of Home would be best suited for this big Guy! Stay tuned for the up-dates on Lakota & all the other horses at Safe Haven Horse Rescue!  
Bye for now,
Linda C.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cori & Sam riding in the arena.

Last Saturday at Safe Haven Horse Rescue, Volunteers Cori & Daughter Samantha went for a ride on two of their favs! Cori is riding Cowboy, a nice old gelding that was a personal rescue for Cori. She saw him on the way home every day & when she saw he was Not eating but standing in the corner of the Pasture, wasting away to nothing, she stepped up to the plate & looked up the landowner! Of course he swore the horse was Not his, & offered to shoot him right then & there or at least by days end!, so Cori squelched that idea & began to feed Cowboy herself twice a day, until there was room for him at Safe Haven! Good job Cori! Cowboy is no longer depressed & is finding he is quite Loved!

Samantha is riding Zebi, a little 1/2 Curly that came in with Smokey the Buckskin, & the big bay mare Reba. The story here is in reverse of the first one! This little curly girl has taken Sam under her 'Wings of Love' & has Sam back in the saddle every chance she gets!!!!! That is so Awesome! 
When you volunteer at Safe Haven Horse Rescue, you do not get paid in cash, you get paid in life touching experiences!!!! A Nicker here, A snuggle there, it all so good for rejuvenating the soul! YOU also can come out & see who will be the one for you! Hope to see you soon! If you cannot come out to the ranch personally, you can help us support the horse of your choice through our Sponsor Program! All the details are on our website! You can also find Safe Haven on Facebook, to keep up with all the activities!

Bye for now,
Linda C.

Monday, November 21, 2011

For the Love of Horses' Whinny & Wine event

 Safe Haven Horse Rescue, would like to Thank Everyone who participated in making the evening a huge success!!!! We are very grateful for your support! Cori M. & Linda C. were on hand to get the party started w/ ticket sales!!!
 The room was quite full of guests! New faces & old familiar faces!
 Denise & David Derk are avid supporters to Safe Haven fundraising events! They have participated in the Play Days & the dinner fundraisers! We, at Safe Haven, Love to 'dish it' out to Dave...cuz he can dish it right back!!!
 Sherrie & Larry, & then Paula also come to compete at our Play Days! Thanks, we appreciate your loyalty!
 A beautiful bracelet was made by Tail Spin Bracelets for the Live Auction, & one was made for Linda Richards, Founder & President of Safe Haven Horse Rescue! Cori went around to ALL the horses currently at Safe Haven & gathered a tail hair from each, for Linda's bracelet. Cori then gathered tail hairs from the 3 Secretariat descendants that we have & that one was put in the live auction! Very nice gift!
 Cori then presented the bracelet to Linda R. & Yes, Linda is trying very hard not to cry!!! Good job Cori!
 Big Thanks to Alpen Cellars of Trinity County! They came a long way!
 Big Thanks to Dakaro Cellars!!!!
Big Thanks to Lassen Peaks!
 Big Thanks to Matson Vineyards! Lynette on the right, has adopted 2 horses from Safe Haven, Buster & King!!!!! Matson Vineyards also donated a beautiful Wine Gift Basket that used as the 'door prize' of the evening! Awesome!
& last but not least! Mt. Tehama Winery was serving up some of it's very best!

Be sure to check out 'The Scene' page of the Record Searchlight tomorrow to see more pictures from the Whinny & Wine, & I'll post more pics also in another blog. Safe Haven would like to Thank Mike Killingbeck of L&M Equine Photography for all the hours he has donated to the horses also! The Derks bought his $100.00 gift certificate of any picture of your choice mounted on canvas, in the Live Auction & have all ready picked out which one they want!!            THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

 Bye for now,
Linda C.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Drifter’s tail!

getting ready PD 41010 033                                           This is what Drifter’s tail look like in April 2010.Drifter's tail & Prizie's ouchie 001
This is what someone has done to his tail! It was done sometime this month, we noticed this a few days after the Oct 1, 2011 Play Day we had! This is just heart breaking!!!!! We at Safe Haven are very upset! The 2 horses on either side of him had NO evidence of his tail in their pens, & there was NO tail hair caught up in the clamps of the pen!
Needless to say…….a police report has been filed & we WILL pursue this issue to the fullest! There has been other cases in other states of someone doing this to horses in the last 6 months! If you have any clue to who is doing this Please contact Safe Haven @ 530-347-4941. Everything will be handled with complete anonymousness! Thank you so much!
Bye for now,
Linda C.